Op-1 accidental two octaves down when pressing left arrow once

Got a good price on a used op1 and haven’t found any sign of use besides a few finger prints on the display and a spanish voiced sampler :smiley: _

but octave down arrow key triggers twice quite often, so I go from 0 to -2 in one button press; that’s a problem. I couldn’t force it on the right arrow key. I can’t figure out why it sometimes happens on the down arrow key; pressing hard or light doesn’t seem to make a difference; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt.

I wanna keep it, though!

Any tips on fixing this?

prolly just dirty or the lil rubber thing underneath the key needs reseating?

pop off the key gently and try both

theres a guide on ifixit on how to remove the keys

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Do you mean this one? https://de.ifixit.com/Anleitung/Teenage+Engineering+OP-1+Wartung/20381

Thanks; I’ll try it!

ya that looks like the one

good luck!