OP-1 @ Amazon.fr for around 800€

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Seems to good to be true but it’s sold from Amazon.fr directly.
“Temporairement en rupture de stock.” but I got big hopes that this will be delivered.

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Most likely you’ll get a message from the seller that the Amazon payment process has mysteriously failed and you’ll need to transfer the money directly to his bank account (of course you shouldn’t do that!).

This was Amazon.fr directly, so this won’t happen.

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Not sold directly, seems definitely like a scam! Avoid. The seller is called “Viva el Musculo”. :laughing:

The price is now 428 euros. Too good to be true? You bet.

@vehka your’re just too late, sorry.
It was definately Amazon.fr

Ok, whatever. I just clicked the link on the first post? Wasn’t aware that Amazon does auto-redirects from a seller to another.

It does, I’ll remove the link

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Hello Folks, I can confirm that the OP-1 is 438€ on Amazon because I just bought it.
It’s been a while I hesitated to buy one but then, for this price, I jumped at the opportunity. :sweat_smile:

It’s a fraud. When you buy the OP-1 two days later or so the seller sends you an email when he says there has been a problem with payment and that you must to pay to him directly, ha ha ha!

I write Amazon for this and, obviously, I didn’t make any payments outside of the amazon platform. After some days, if you don’t pay him, the seller cancel the purchase.


If it’s too good to be true it’s too good to be true.


@Janneboi Please let us know if Amazon delivers it to you!

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And it’s there again, still no delivery date. Good luck friends.

and 15m later already gone… that’s strange !

Just got a mail from Amazon.fr:


Lors de votre achat, la date de livraison n’était pas disponible.
Nous vous informons que la date livraison estimée est désormais disponible pour l’article suivant :

“Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthétiseur/contrôleur numérique”
Date d’arrivée prévue : 08 décembre 2020" :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Amazon sales of the op-1 has always been all over the place. The scammers put low price to influence the Amazon price.
Snagged one also, but shipping date has not been given so far.

how about amazon uk selling (in stock) op-z for £449? Seems official. Lost mine on the beach this week. It wasnt insured. Guess thats karma for ya (for all my opz moaning). Bloody drunk dancin`:(

got a call today, and it was found on the beach after a hard nights rain, than fck.

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Wow, did it survive the rain?

It may not survive tough playing, but it may survive heavy rains, you never know !


after a night on the beach, doused with rain, it works as good as ever! ok, it was in its little green suede case which was inside a leather bag, but still :slight_smile: Has anyone else ever lost theirs before?