Op-1 and ableton - midi problems

Hello op-1 user!
Happy to be here. I have my op1 now for about four weeks and there is still so much to explore.
Would be great if could answer following question:
I tried to Record Midi in ableton Live. Sending midi works great. But when sending back from ableton to op-1 there is something wrong. Op-1 plays the notes not like I played them in the first time. It’s like op1 plays the notes with lots of sustain. A lot of the notes get swallowed. Do you know what I mean?

I guess when you try to record your “MIDI to” settings of current track is still switched to OP-1. So you have some sort of MIDI loop problem. Try to switch it to NONE or to other device.

Thanks, tralivallo! That was the solution. Now everything sounds perfect.