OP-1 and Axoloti Vid

Just a brief vid on how I use the Axoloti with my T.E. stuff.


Very nice !

Could you make a schematic of the wiring between OP1, Axoloti etc… ?

which axoloti patch did you use ? could you share it ?

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the Axoloti has an USB host plug which can be used for all kinds of USB midi things and even powers up the OP-1. he has just routed the OP1s usb cable into the host and audio into the audio in on Axoloti.
it‘s the most versatile machine for under 70 bucks. it’s an Army of Tools and you can easily install most of the Mutable Instruments voices and fx. with a bit of soldering you can put this to Eurorack as everything! CV/Gate seq. etc.

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boy I dig this beat!!! tight man it’s tight

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Thanks J.E! Much appreciated bro. And also for the explanation…

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It’s not too complicated and @JohnnyEgo explained it perfectly, so i’ll try this…

If you go to 0:50 on the video, it shows the actual unit without the knobs etc… The OP-1 is receiving sound and sending midi on the vid so here’s the breakdown by signal:

Midi - OP1 usb to the Axo via USB; Axo midi to the Nanosynth module via standard midi 5 pin din
Audio - rca connections from Nanosyn carrying audio to the Axo (input is 1/4 stereo cable); Axo is sending audio out (another 1/4 stereo) to the OP-1 line in.
The only other connection on the Axo is power. Lmk if that answers everything!!!

Thanks for watching too y’all.


Here’s the patch I used for the beat. It’s called ‘to the starsII’ made by Tiar.

The other patches are just from the community patch library with a few small tweaks for performance and patch selection via the knob.