OP-1 and Cassette Ambient


Just had a quick listen and really like what I heard.


Thanks for checking it out! Much appreciated.

Could you tell us a little more about your process?

Process is different for each track but generally these started mostly on the OP-1. The tracks I started there I used the compressor pretty heavily and would effect the whole tape with the filter usually. Then I would take whatever my beat was and using track mutes etc record it into the SP 404. I like the vinyl FX on that, used liberally. Sometimes I’d bounce to 4 track cassette, back to the SP with the compressor on, then record into computer. Some of the guitar ones I would record to digital 8 track, then 404, then cassette. But the OP1 is the main engine for this project. The last track “Some Hallway” I recorded just using my voice with the sampler. More and more I’m making synth sounds with my voice and playing them, I love the freedom it gives you to make wild sounds. Anyway that was mostly how I did it, happy to answer any other questions. Thanks for caring :slight_smile:


Added another chapter in this lofi saga. The OP-1 is great for this kinda stuff. Thanks to all the OP1 heads on here for all the support and all the posts on their own process etc. Always inspiring!



?great stuff I really like the title track


Cheers thanks for checking it out!


Really nice tracks!