OP-1 and Elektron syncing with just USB(no midi interface)?

Hi there! I just purchased an OP-1 and should be receiving it in the mail tomorrow! I’m very excited and will be primarily using it in conjunction with my Analog Rytm for performance purposes. I’ve lurked about on this forum for quite some time, and am familiar with the iconnectmidi and similar interfaces, but I’m curious if something like that is really needed at all. Both devices have usb midi, which is a pretty standardized protocol at this point, and I’d prefer to keep my performance rig as bare-bones as possible. Could I not feasibly connect the two together with a USB-B to USB-Mini cable? Or a female usb-A to male USB-mini adapter? This seems like a much simpler, low cost way of doing things and I was curious if anyone knew if it worked. Thanks for the help!

If only it was that easy- sorry to say that won’t work as neither one is a usb host.

Kenton USB Hub or the OPlab are probably the smallest you can get.

I think you still need some device to manage the signal transfer.

That’s why Inspektor Gadget built is own “Cerebel USB” thing.
Still, there are cheap DIY solutions to be found…