OP-1 and FL Studio: Playing in MIDI notes

Hey guys, I had a question about using the op-1 and fl studio. My main goal is to sequence and record some stuff from the op-1 into fl studio, similar to how it’s shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRRaeCw7P2Y&

I have everything set up to where the op-1 can be sequenced by midi notes in the piano roll and sound is recorded. Instead of manually inserting the midi notes, I was hoping to play them in with the op-1 itself, using the op-1 as a midi controller essentially. This creates a better flow for me than just inserting notes, and still lets me use fl to edit the individual notes.

I’ve had mixed success with this however… For longer pads, this method works fine, but playing any sort of quick melodies leads to the recorded midi notes to be placed into the piano roll off time and mixed up. I don’t notice anything weird when I’m actually recording the midi notes this way, but after the pattern is recorded, the notes just seem to be all over the place.

Anyone have any ideas of what the issue is?

It might be midi howl around/feedback
Not seen any Local control off option on the OP-1 that usually prevents 2nd and 3rd notes being re-recorded onto the piano roll,through the OP-1. I’m not sure if USB is effected by this problem (?) but its worth checking for this.
First see if you have two or three notes stacked up on same place after recording (do this by manual selecting a note,then move along through the notes with appropriate keyboard command). Then try switching off your midi out to OP-1 on your FL track and use a soft synth to moniter your recording,then once recorded switch back on the OP-1 to this midi channel.See if this isolates your problem.

How were you able to get the op-1 to record its sound into fl?