OP-1 and fruity loops

Hello guys,

Im thinking about buying an OP-1 but I work in FL studio most of the time and Im not sure how OP1 works with it. I know I can plug OP1 in my computer but I dont know what are the real benefits of doing that. I was wondering if I can upload the synths I make on OP1 to FL studio… can anyone tell me, how OP1 works with FL studio or describe its functionality after plugging it in ?

I hope my question is not stupid and sorry for bad english
Thank you.

Hi @crizer, not sure if you get much benefits from working with them together. IMHO OP-1 is not much of a MIDI controller, even though it can be used as one. You can always make sketches of tunes on the OP-1, then transfer them via USB to FL studio. Or sequence the OP-1 synths from the FL Studio piano roll, and then record the output…

Preferably, if I were you I’d buy it from somewhere with a generous returns policy, so you can try it out for a week or two, and then return it for a refund if it does not fit your workflow. I’m under the impression that most people on this forum use their OP-1 “OTB” that is not in connection with a DAW.

Thanks a lot for the response, would you recommend me something else than OP1 ? I just need something I can use with FL Studio and make synths on that.

Quite a broad question with not a lot of info to go on (how you want to work).
The OP1 is great for sketching ideas away from your computer, then downloading your jams onto FLs as a frame work to start tracks.
If you just want a synth that can also control FL then I can recommend Akai MiniAk - but that has no USB ,only midi.Something with USB may be better if you do not own a midi interface.I mention MiniAk because its cheap and powerful.MiniNova (Novation) is a contender and has USB.
The OP1 has lots of fun sequencers that could be a change from what is in FL and the tape/sampler/synth combo will throw up new ideas -but it is best used on the go(mobile/stand alone) then import to PC.
You don’t actually need a synth when a controller will do ev for you in FL, but a synth may have arpeggios and sequencers to help record performances.

I would love to make new sounds on the OP - 1… ( synths, drums, record voice etc… ) and then import these sounds to my fruity loops. At the same time I might make short sequences on OP1 and import them to some of my songs made in FL + I would love to use the keyboard on OP to record melodies at fruity loops piano roll. Is it actualy possible to do these things ?

Thanks a lot four your answers guys.

Yes it definitely does all those things. @vehka says its not so good as a midi controller (-it won’t transmit velocity for your touch sensitive recordings into piano roll,you will have to edit that in) so you may want to consider that ,but its great at all those other things.
You will be able to record midi into FL piano roll in real time but will need to import audio recordings from OP tape machine (treating it like a flash drive USB storage device)then import it into FL audio track or sampler,before carrying on.

Ok, thanks a lot for answers !

Hi, I’m using FLS, but with the OP-1, I’m just importing tape tracks, or making live recording overdubs on tracks I’ve made with FL.

I’ve never tried to use it as midi controller atm.