OP-1 and iPad connection

I have just bought the OP-1 and it is a work of beauty. The build quality is excellent and the sounds are unique and interesting. Anyway i am wanting to connect my iPad Air to my OP-1 through the camera connection kit. My question is will I need a powered USB hub to make it work or will it work with just the USB connected from the OP-1 to iPad Air without the “Too Much Power” message appearing?

should work fine - does on mine

Thanks for the reply.

I got the camera connection kit and indeed it works without the “Too Much Power” message appearing on my iPad. :slight_smile:

Only one issue is that when my OP-1 is connected to my iPad there seems to be a slight noise coming from the OP-1 speaker. Is this normal?

Try disabling USB charging while it’s connected to the iPad…

Shift + Com --> Opt (T4) --> turn blue encoder

Works fine now. Thanks.