OP-1 and Kingston Mobilelite G2


Has anyone had success using the Mobilelite G2 to transfer patches etc to the OP-1. The lack of a proper eject function on the Kingston app seems to be a major flaw. Files look like they’ve copied OK but when the OP-1 is put back to OP-1 mode from DISK it doesn’t reboot to refresh the directories because it hasn’t been ejected properly. Any help with this frustrating problem would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

Hmm, I can’t remember if I’ve done it that way round, but I’ve definitely copied stuff from the OP-1 to the G2 without issue.

Thanks for responding. I believe I’ve found the answer. I do feel a bit stupid now actually.

Because I used my mac to put stuff on to the SD card to transfer to the OP-1, I ended up with duplicate named bogus files which the mac system puts onto any removable drive by default. It was these files which I was trying to copy to the OP-1 in error. It’s like when you look at a drive on a PC that’s been used on a Mac - if you have show hidden files enabled- you see a whole load of garbage that the mac has chosen to put on there - spotlight indexing and duplicate files which can’t be opened.
Anyway, I found the proper files in the list and tried copying those to the OP-1 with success. My learning point is use my PC to prepare the SD card for transfer to the OP-1.

I know you sorted this, but as reassurance to others I use the Kingston using both Android and iOS, works perfectly. This box of tricks is useful in so many ways.