OP-1 and Logic sync with Firmware 243

Hi I came across a video posted on YouTube by Andertons Synths, Keys and Tech where they show how to perfectly sync the OP-1’s clock with Logic’s. I am failing to make OP-1 recognizable as an external unit. I think my control surface settings in Logic aren’t correct probably. If someone can successfully do so, then can you kindly share the detailed control surface set-up i.e. input and output ports and further the Midi channel in your track setting? I am not looking for how to use the OP-1 as a midi controller in CNTRL mode since I have been able to do that. Thanks in advance!!

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It works on my setup as midi and audio in/out. Sometimes the midi interface drops for some unknown reasons. I noticed this also happens when the op-1 is already on when I start Logic. Then I found out that if I “reset midi interfaces” in the midi preferences then the midi interface is restored.

Can you see the op-1 in the midi section of the audio midi setup app?

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Hello thanks for responding! Resetting all midi drivers in Logic did the trick. Thanks once again for your help!!