OP-1 and Logic using High Sierra OS

I am using an OP-1 with Logic on a Mac using High Sierra. I have seen some tutorials on integrating the OP-1 with Logic on Mac but none using High Sierra and the versions of Logic are more current than mine. I am using Logic Pro X.

Problem: I am able to connect the OP-1 and use it as a midi controller, however, I am not able to play from the unit into Logic and record from it as if it were an instrument. I have seen people doing this via usb, but I can’t get that to work. I can hear a faint sound over static occasionally but sometimes nothing. Anyone using OP1 and High Sierra? If so, what is your setup on the Mac and in Logic. Thanks!

Do you have the most recent OP-1 firmware update, which enables USB audio? If so, it should be as simple as plugging the OP-1 into the computer, selecting the OP-1 as the Audio input and then hitting record.

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