OP-1 and Octatrack: redundant or complement?


I’m thinking of getting an OP-1 primarily to have something portable and usable during plane trips. I have an Octatrack and am wondering a few things …

What are peoples thoughts on how they can complement each other or is it likely that it will feel like there are two ways of doing the same thing?
If you could only have one …?


I’ve got both. I’m a bit of a novice with both and only recently added the OP-1 but while both can do similar things (as can my ipad and DAW) it’s another really interesting option and both have their own unique approaches. On the go nothing beats the Op-1 for me. I commute 2 hours each day which is perfect for mucking about and trying things. The Octatrack is fantastic for really getting experimental though.

Can’t say much for the whole complimenting side of things yet but I don’t see why not. An OT and an ipad is a blast. I’d expect much the same from an. OT OP1 combo.

If I could only have one… It’d have to be the OT. An ipad and VSTs are ok alternatives to the OP1 that I wouldn’t miss out too much. Each to their own though!

Yah im still contemplating getting an Octatrack. and Im looking for as cheap a price as possible. so far Ive found a new one for 1075.

I use them both together and it’s awesome!!! Go for it.

for me it’s the perfect combo. there is hardly any overlap in functionality. and even the sampling aspect of the OP1 is/feels totally different to what the OT does. I’d say go for it… I had an OP1 first and added the OT a year later which got me all the features I missed. I’d chuck out any other gear in a heartbeat if I had to keep only 2. hard to put my finger on why - but they sure do complement each other…

Thanks for the feedback. Ordered the OP-1 last night.

2 OP-1 and 2 OT here :wink: Yes the OP1 makes great sample fodder for the OT, a winning combination!

Complementary for sure. OP-1 is great for exploring musical ideas, and Octatrack is great for exploring remixes of those ideas.

For those of you with both of dem ... how do you do it? Sample one to the other, back and forth, or copy audio using a computer?

@darenager, sounds like the massive set up.

@sidgel so many dif ways to use them together. I like to use the Octa with the “Transitions Trick”(see youtube) and just manually sync the two by pressing play. You can of course use the octa to sample loops from the OP-1 and take your songs further using Octa like a DAW. That’s the beauty of the Octa you can use it so many different ways.

octatrack + op1 (+other synth to use octatrack midi arpeggiator) = perfect jam :slight_smile:

I really can’t imagine anything making the OP-1 redundant. Not even another OP-1.