OP-1 and OP-1 Field Official Patches

Just thought I’d create a new thread here to say that I’ve just dumped all of the OP-1 Field patches from the 1.1.4 firmware (no new patches since launch as far as I can tell), and placed them in the Google Drive where I’ve also dumped the original OP-1 patches from official firmware. Going forward I’ll keep this directory updated with new patches as they come out

You can find them here: Official Patches - Google Drive


thanks for doing this i’m sure its fairly tedious

are the field patches the same as the current OG?

a quick glance suggests maybe so?

either way glad to see my patches are still on there :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankfully on the Field it is less tedious than on the OG :pray:

Yeah the patches from the OP-1 seem to be the same on the Field, one difference is that now the .aiff file actually plays a sample of the patch instead of the robotic “OP-1 Patch”

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Ever since V243 the OP-1 original seems to be including a sample too.

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Ohh I never noticed. Too much time on older firmwares haha