OP-1 and the TSA (Carry-on)?

I’m taking a trip soon. Most of it is on train and a couple of days by myself in a small town before meeting up with friends in Chicago, so I’m thinking of taking the OP-1 along. While most of the trip is by train, it starts out with a red-eye flight. I’ll be doing the whole trip out of a medium size backpack.

I’ve got the nice portable case for the OP-1. Question is: when passing through airport security, is the OP-1 treated like a laptop (must be separate for scanning/inspection) or like an iPad (can usually stay in luggage)? I’ve never flown with a laptop, so question 2 is: if I pull it out for separate scanning, should I open the case?

My instincts are telling me to just pull it out of my bag. I was planning on asking an agent to be sure. Just wondering if others have traveled with the OP-1 and what their experiences have been.

I keep mine in my backpack (carry on). Flown with it dozens of times and never had to take it out or any other issues.

only once was i asked to remove it and the guy just said he wanted to see what it is. as it looked cool on the screen. lol. I usually carry it on in a gun case. Ive never had an issue. atleast 20 flights doing this with no problem. several were international.

I’ve flown with the op-1 quite a few times. At UK airport they wanted to see what it was as I guess it is unusual. Other international airports it’s just stayed in rucksack in original paper case.

I used to take it out and treat it like a laptop, but last two times I’ve flown I left it in its Unit Portables case in my backpack and nothing was said

I flew with mine recently - I had it in a carrying case in my backpack. I took it out of the backpack, but left it in the case and put it in the bin. No questions asked.

Never had a problem with mine. Never any questions about it.
I also traveled with fully loaded modular cases, and even though I was certain people at TSA checkpoints would freak out: they didn’t even blink!

I have never had a problem I even carry it in my messenger bag with 3 POs never a question… England has asked me to show them once or twice… Even traveling with an Elektron AR in a pelican Case in the US, I have had no questions…

I had to show them it once but they liked it.

I had to show them once or twice. Not very often. They ALWAYS want me to take out the USB zipstick if I have it with me.

Good to know, thanks!

I’ve realized that while things like modulars may look like a bomb as seen in a movie, they can scan through that thing pretty easy. I just don’t understand the rule about laptops being separate but tablets can stay in your luggage…

I’ll be travelling with my OP-1, POs & Oplab at the end of the month.
Has anyone had any problems with getting the Oplab through security?

Gone through the following airports:

Amsterdam Schiphol: no problems
Eindhoven International: no problems
London Stansted: no problems
London Heathrow: no problems
Muscat International: no problem
Barcelona International: no problems
Istanbul Ataturk: no problems
Istanbul Sabiha: no problems
Zurich International: no problems
Cologne International: no problems

OP-1 is just as a lot of other stuff people take with them… a piece of electronics in an interesting suit. 0 fucks were given except for the occasional bewildered/curious look and the occasional question of what on gods green earth it is. I think it is safe to say there will be no problem at security. I treat it like any other electronics and just put it with my laptop, phone and ipad on the tray.

They are looking for something and it is not Just wires

I’m flying soon in the US with a small setup. I’m guessing that my OP-1 and Korg Monotron will be fine, but I’m curious about Pocket Operators. I have all 6 PO’s (in cases) but don’t want them to look suspicious in my backpack along with an assortment of cables, etc.

Anyone have any stories to share about PO’s and airport security?

I’ve nothing to add. But had a “funny” moment when the guy behind the xray machine thought my sandwiches and chargers were, and I quote, “bomblike”.

no problems at security so far. i had to cross UK/France border with the OP1 and a backpack full of other, mostly metallic toys, scanner went all flashing and beeping, the guy wanted to examine all of it, but didn’t even bother looking at the OP1 or to take it out of its foam case.

I had once a smaller issue with the op1 at the airport. My bag was full of cables and chargers as well as the op1. I was pulled out at the security check. Had to follow them into a special room where some security guys waiting in front heavy armed. The officer was only interessted into the op1 nothing else. I tried to show them all the stuff. But only op1 they where interssted in.

I asked why and what they did:

  • on xray the op1 was dark cause of the battery and the alu case of the op1. Which needs a special investigation.
  • they did a chemical test to check if the op1 had contact to explosives. Small peace of paper they used on the op1.
  • took only 5 mins
  • quote of the officer: ah, is this a music instrument. Is this a SINTSIZER?

It was my flight from germany to stockholm :wink:

The officer was only interessted into the op1 nothing else. [...] quote of the officer: ah, is this a music instrument. Is this a SINTSIZER?

clearly the officer wanted one!

I’ve had no problems with the OP-1 through Belfast and Glasgow airports. On that route I also carried 3 POs this weekend. They are bound to look as suspect as it gets and I wasn’t asked to unpack and show.