OP-1 and Wireless Midi Transmission

Has anyone here ever had success connecting OP-1 to a wireless midi system? I just bought a MIDIJET pro for gigs, and would like to connect it to the OP-1 to perform amongst the audience whilst sending midi wirelessly to my stationary modules. My initial attempt involved a usb adapter plugged into the OP-1
However it didn't work and thus I can't get the midi from OP-1 into the MIDIJET as planned and I really hope there is a way. Help!
I've made a video of my rig, in hope that someone can help me troubleshoot this, please watch it here.

You will need a USB host device in order to connect the MIDJet and the OP-1. The way you are connecting it in the video, the MIDIJet and the OP-1 are both expecting someone to take control and route data. It is not this simple. I would suggest maybe looking at a Raspberry Pi with the two USB devices connected and running the commands to route the MIDI data between the two. This would be cheap ($35) and small (about the same size as the MIDIJet). Otherwise, you will need a more expensive USB host (iConnect4MIDI+ or Kenton USB Host).

Thanks GCF. I don’t think the Kenton or iConnect4midi will work without being plugged in so it wouldn’t be wireless. I am doing Rasberry Pi research as you suggested. There seem to be ways of outfitting Rasp Pi with battery packs.

u can do the same w/ the kenton and i believe ICM too w/ a USB smartphone type battery & a usb to dc jack cable.

the raspberry sounds like a more fun project tho

You can battery up the Kenton with one of those phone chargers - but make sure it has enough elbow room regarding amps - the amperage will drop a little as the battery runs out.

A great alternative is midipal from our friend at mutable instruments. It’s battery powered and has a ton of really useful features, besides being a midi host.

I am strongly swayed to the raspberry idea. DIY projects are nice, but it part of me wishes I could buy something off-the-shelf as these types of projects tend to get in the way of the end goal.... performing the music. But who am I kidding, I'm up for it!

Until the Rasp Pi arrives (and I tackle the learning curve), I do own the iConnect midi original (black with USB host) I could wire it with usb battery pack make a leather case for it to attach to my strap. I'll see if my local electronics repair can set me up with a good battery for that.

Thanks to all for you helpful comments.