OP-1 Android USB Audio?

Trying to test the USB-audio capabilities of the OP-1, via my Note 20 Ultra, and although it works through Audio Evolution (which I think has some different USB drivers) I can’t get, say, youtube from my phone to play through the OP-1 so I could record it, even though the phone’s audio output status says it’s using the OP-1

Anyone else have any luck?

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apologies if this is silly
but have u selected usb in the op1 input settings? shift+mic
and enabled the input pass thru by pressing mic?

Yep, the OP-1 side is working, as I can record into and play back from Audio Evolution on my phone. :confused:

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I have the same phone and the same problem. Also with other devices. Won’t work with USB audio for sp404mk2. Or even car adaptors for 3.5mm audio and power over USB. (Some audio only adaptors work, but not all). It’s very, very, very annoying that they removed the audio jack before making sure this all worked well.

yea ill never understand why they all nixed the headphone jack
i wanted to get a new ipad and then i remembered that
holding onto my ipad mini 2 forever

I recently bought an iPad mini 5 which still has the jack. I did it as soon as I found out the most recent one doesn’t have it

I have a Behringer UCA202 that I used to use to record direct audio in when recording videos to save time faffing about editing them together, and this doesn’t work anymore either, but also weirdly doesn’t work with Audio Evolution. My MOTU 16A does seem to work with Audio Evolution, so maybe it’s a power thing?