Op-1 as a live recorder: Dua Lipa cover

Hello everybody. I’m very please to post here my first topic. I made the jump few weeks ago and finaly got ly hand on a OP-1. To be honest I was about to buy one when Native Instrument relaesed Mashine+! I’m a Mashine user so I was kind of annoyed! But guess what, I finaly went for the OP-1 as I though that this little piece of hardware would push my creativity and also because I wanted to be abble to create anywhere…
I must say that for a first experience, it was really fun and I realy don’t regret my investment!!!
So here I am with a cover of Du Lipa “Don’t start now” I made with my band Bunny Detox only using the OP-1 as a portable studio meaning that I created the beat and the recorded the klive instrument and vocals with the OP-1. Final mix is made within Cubase …
Let me know what you think, and don’t hesitate to check out the other stuff we did :wink:

Cool! I don’t know the original but this is nice!

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Thanks a lot! Yeah I though that everybody knew it but it seems that no!!

I’m pretty sure I like your version more, without :wink: even knowing the real version.

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ah, ah! Thanks a lot :wink: