OP-1 as live looper?

i want to use my op-1 as a kind of live looper- for example, let’s say i want to plug my ipad into the external input and feed a bunch of stuff into the op-1 from various apps…

so i’m on the tape with the op-1 and i select the live input and start recording on track 1 for example. i’ve set up a loop point of 2 bars or whatever so i can overdub continuously on track 1. the problem comes then when i want to switch to another track to record stuff on that layer while the first track is still playing…. there’s an ever so slight moment of silence when i pick the next track because you do it with the track 1, 2, 3, or 4 buttons which also serve to solo those tracks. so of course when i push track 2 its soloed for a tiny bit, even if i push the button as fast as i can. and since there’s nothing already on track 2, or even if there are several tracks recorded, its not really usable in a live situation because you always get a little annoying jump when you switch between tracks.

am i missing something to use the op as a live looper?

Short answer: No. :slight_smile:

Longer answer: No, you are not missing anything, except that there is also an annoying click at each loop start when looping like this, worse than just a sample discontinuity. The OP-1 is not a good looper.

thanks for the answer- last night i found one solution when filling all the tracks from them being empty. i start recording on track one and when i want to go to track 2 i push the track 1 button first to solo it and then push track 2 and release both and it stays on track 2 with no loss of sound at any time. then to go to track 3 i solo 1 and 2 together first, then push track 3 and release all together. works going to track 4 as well but then to go back to any other track you can solo the other 3 but you will of course lose the track you’re jumping to for a second. this technique can at least keep music rolling the whole time, albeit not all 4 tracks 110% together always.

i wasn’t getting any clicks or pops on the loop points last night, but i was also probably just lucky as i’ve had them before.

^nice workaround!