OP-1 audio crackling SOLUTION! Lots of issues with this with the new update

A lot of people seem to be running into this issue, especially after the new update- so here’s the solution!


ahh…thanks for that.
after the update, I noticed crackling when recording external gear into the OP1.
I followed your advice and turned charging off, all seems good now.

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Awesome! Glad that it worked :slight_smile:

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Yes, a ground loop isolator is always good to have.
I have one of these (Palmer PLi-04), awesome Line Isolator.
I use it always when tracking with the OP-1 and it always results in a better sound. It does some impedance matching with the Audio Interface and has a Groundlift.


Thanks for including this! :heart:

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a DI box with ground lift is a great bit of gear. everyone should have one.



Hello. I am getting really bad crackling and popping when using the input with a number of different synths/instruments. I’ve turned off charging and tried a ground loop isolator (even though the source audio has no noticeable hums, crackles or pops) to no avail. Can anybody explain how to use a DI box? Should I pick up an active or passive box? I want to use ground lift right? Thank you.

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I feel you- guitar players will know about this.

The Palmer unit looks really nice. I managed to get rid of the ground loop on my MC-101, OP-1, etc by using this cheap device.


I got a passive box after some research about DI boxes. Radial Pro should arrive tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know how it goes on various settings.

Keep in mind that the $18 PHE3002-Ch is essentially a balanced/unbalanced convertor, so for it to work the inputs of the interface/mixer will need to be balanced inputs.

No luck with the DI box. Still crackling with or with out ground lift and pad toggled. :pleading_face:

have u tried a factory reset?
if u downgrade the firmware does the crackling go away?

Thanks for the tip. I downgraded the firmware and now there is no popping and crackling recording into the OP-1. Just can’t use it as an audio interface now, but oh well.

with USB Audio you‘ve to check your level Inputs and the Tape Input (Orange) on Tape Screen.

if one or the other peaks, it will result in crackling or basically „clipping“

I have no crackling with 243

ya me neither
no crackling pops or clicks of any kind

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