Op-1 & auxy

Been playing around with this combo again and it’s pretty sweet. Just wondering if it’s possible to send midi from the op-1 to Auxy? Like when I hit record and play on the op-1 it would trigger Auxy so everything is in sync. Guess I would need some midi sync device thingy?!

Simplest for this would probably be getting the Apple brand Lightning to USB connector thing. http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD821AM/A/lightning-to-usb-camera-adapter

Yeah got the connector and all works well…except for start/stop triggering

Which are you trying to use as the MIDI clock source? Auxy or the OP-1? And can you hit play on Auxy and it starts the OP-1?

I was trying Auxy. I want the OP-1 to start recording the midi data/drums as soon as i trigger it in auxy (just so i can layer drums from diff drum kits in diff channels on the op1). Auxy triggers the drums just fine

Just trying to make sure I understand this correctly – Drums are sequenced on Auxy. Want to use MIDI sequence in Auxy to trigger OP-1 drums and record audio of OP-1 onto tape. But OP-1 won’t start Auxy sequence when pressing play. Can you hold Record on OP-1 and hit play on Auxy to start recording in time?

I will try with iConnectMIDI4+ tonight to see if you can start and stop Auxy sequences using OP-1 start/stop buttons.

Yep, I hold down record on the op-1, hit play on Auxy and the beats trigger but no record on op-1

Ah cool, both are now working properly! I didn’t set up the sync pref in Auxy. The op-1 now triggers record when I hold its rec and hit play on auxy. But what has made my evening is getting cubasis to trigger OP-1 sounds and it works perfectly. I much prefer the piano roll on Cubasis too. Happy days!

Awesome! Well that’s great to know that you can do the “hold record” and start with something else.

Same applies to Cubasis, it works with ‘hold record’. Cubasis is so good with the op-1

Also nice controlling velocity on the op-1 via Cubasis