OP-1 Battery question

My old trusty OP-1 (from ca. 2012-2013) is showing some strange behavior lately. When connecting to a USB power source all the LEDs light up fully but then it doesn’t start charging. I left it connected overnight but it’s still the same and when I check the battery level with the help button there are just 2 LEDs lighting up.

Do I need to recalibrate or is the battery so old that it needs to swapped out?

My 2014 OP-1 has had various battery weirdness over the years (worst was not powering on for like a week, latest was not appearing to charge past 3 dots).

Everything’s resolved itself eventually (with some random combination of plugging in/ switching on/draining/etc)
Only lasting thing is shorter battery life (definitely not getting the 16h I originally did), but that’s to be expected.

Hi! I had battery issues with my OP-1 a few years ago and this is the help I received from TE:

Here is a little guide on how the battery should work. I know the battery is really amazing on the OP-1 and I have not had a problem with mine for the last 6 years.

If the unit starts but does not charge properly:

  • Disconnect USB, turn your unit on and leave it on until it turns off by itself. Do not manually turn off the unit. This could take up to 18 hours. The unit is off when the screen has turned black.
  • After this turn it off, charge it fully using a computer or any standard USB charger. This can take about 18 hours depending on your situation. (The battery is 1800mA). This should recalibrate the battery indicator.

Your unit will charge when:

  • It is turned OFF and connected to a USB power source. (computer / charger)
  • It is turned ON and connected to a USB power source, unless USB charging is turned off in the OPT menu. (SHIFT+COM, 4)
  • It is in TE-Boot menu and connected to a USB power source.

So a proper calibration is never a bad idea sometimes it might take 2-3 times for getting on perfect sync with the LEDs.

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Thank you I will try that! Guess my workhorse needs some rest after all these years :slight_smile:

Should we worry about screen burn-in when leaving it on for up to 18 hours?

You can do DNA or Dr wave with an endless sequencer, and maybe some random LFO, so no persistent graphics there.

Plus it loads the processor more, faster drain. (stack on long reverbs on synth and master)


I did it and see no burn in but if you are worried you can always just use the device normally until it goes flat.

i had this exact problem with my new op1 which arrived this week.

help button when on - bottom two power leds shown

plug in charger when off - show it increasing all leds to red then all blank

this is how i solved it - factory reset

now help button shows it was fully charged