OP-1 Battery Replacement Amp size

Hey all,

I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement battery for my OP-1 and I was wondering if I can have a battery with larger amperage as long as all the other specs are the same? eg. 2800mAh instead of the stock 1800mAh. With standard power supplies I know this isn’t an issue but is this the case for the OP-1 battery also?


OG or Field?

OG one.

Figure you mean the OG since field has its own tag. :dotted_line_face:
Don’t know about going with the bigger Amps being an issue, the only hang up I can think of is the software freaking out for whatever reason.
if it helps this video mentions specs for a replacement battery:

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the amp hours (Ah) is just hte capacity of the battery
no issues there just more battery life
electronics do not draw more amps than they need

what u wanna watch out for is the voltage
(most of these LIPO batteries are standard 3.7v tho)

and the actual physical size of the battery
make sure it will fit inside the tiny alotted space in your op1 case
theres not a lot of extra wiggle room in there
especially the thickness of your battery

most batteries that have more capacity
also take up more physical space


Thanks for the confirmation. That was my understanding of amperage too.

Cheers all!

let us know if it works!
Can’t complain myself about battery life on my OP-1 thing has more sleep time than any other thing I own combined but it would be good to know the option is available.
safe travels.


I bought mine back in June 2017 and battery life was great for quite a while. Not so much anymore unfortunately. Just ordered a battery so fingers crossed. Doesn’t arrive til mid December though but hopefully surgery will go well and it’ll be back to full health for another 5+ years. :slight_smile: