OP-1 Battle 072 - 1972 - VOTING thread!

Hey everybody!
Here is the voting thread for Battle 072 - 1972! First time making a playlist & a poll, let me know if it doesn’t work!


  • dddantazzz — rETr07
  • psound74 — 210105-battle-072-synthedelic-jazz-side-b
  • shutterclunk — OP-1_b
  • 072 Motone — OP-1 Battle 72
  • Lying Dalai — Moral mirror for a minor

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All the best, and thanks!


Really hard to pick, lots of great entries; needed to get my headphones on to re-listen (the phone is really not the best experience!) …had a tie vote in mind but we can only pick one, so @motone gets my vote! - loved all the spaciousness of the effects, great timbres, and the great Buchla-style bleeps! (one day i’ll make a video…kudos for that as well!)

@LyingDalai a close second, great production, awesome bass tones, nice arrangement (some of the harmonies/pads reminded me of Download and some other early aughts downtempo)

@Dantaz-1 - what a great first entry! Definitely got a “Tortoise” (the band) vibe here, love the hemiola bass…looking forward to hearing more of your work…

@shutterclunk - really dug the “whip” treble sound as occasional “punctuation”, subtle parts, sample vocals(!) and dry mix which is something i’ll aspire to one day…



Thanks mate, both for your I spirit g brief and kind words :slight_smile:

What is this “hardest to look for” band name?
Care to share some links?

@Dantaz-1 I love the beat, the little synth line and the exploding samples. Hope you become a familiar of OP battles, your track is cool and I’d love to listen to more submissions of yours: welcome dear!

@psound74 this track could be on some Disasterpeace soundtrack for a retro game
This smells good the live play improvisation. Nice chord changes as well, very 70’s :slight_smile:
But above all there’s life/soul/spirit in this track, which is something I enjoy above everything.

I would have liked to vote for your track, but the Battles implicit rule is that you can’t vote for the track of the brief maker.
Which btw I accidentally did while typing this text on my phone: would you mind, please, reinit the poll?

@shutterclunk this is pretty experimental man, I like the sounds you came up with. Welcome as well, it’s pretty uncommon to have a newcomer submitting a track in Battles, it’s awesome to have two! Welcome as well, and hope to see you again in next Battles! IMO the best way to experiment with OP-1 and get to know it better… Seems you had fun chasing sounds for your track ^^

@motone gets even deeper in the experimentation, reminds me of my first listening of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma.
I got to hide to listen these tracks, you should have seen my wife’s face!

⇒ My vote goes for @Dantaz-1

[@psound74 I tried to fix the poll but I just crashed the votes. Would you mind recasting yours? Sorry buddy]

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Revoted in the poll!

This is the only album i heard almost 20 years ago, like the Flight of the Lumnious Insects a lot…



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Thanks a lot to everybody! I don’t have english enough to give a decent feedback to you…but I’ll get better!
My vote is @psound74 cause that track almost make me high with those weird chords…amazing!
@LyingDalai thanks for kind words and ideias…Now I gonna study to get a great “timbre” just like you.
@motone mindblowing! Made me crazy to try some op-1/OP-Z stuff .
@shutterclunk great to start with you :raised_hands: new is always getting me stronglely. Love it
So, next battle? When? Jamuary? Who want to play? Now?

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Really great battle entries, I had a hard time choosing one, but at the end @shutterclunk hit my taste best.

As @LyingDalai already mentioned: It’s tradition that the battle-host’s track (@psound74) is out of competition and not eligible for voting (sorry to @psound74, you’re track is amazing!). So I’m afraid @Dantaz-1 needs to change his vote. :cry:

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Wow…so, I’ve heard everything again in my garden…phone’s on…and @motone took me into a great afternoon but talking about battle’s theme, I must choose @LyingDalai … every listening reminds me of so many great references :raised_hands::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Great set of tracks! Thanks for the kind words and welcomes, and
@Dantaz-1 - happy to be a newbie with you.

It’s hard to pick a favourite. Grooves that got my head moving, lush effects and such detailed experimental sound design throughout. I think @LyingDalai has a little bit of all of it for my taste.

Thanks for the brief @psound74 - this was fun. I’ve got a lot to learn… see you in the next one.

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You can change your vote by clicking on “show vote” and then changing the option. :wink:

Thx buddy.
Listening to the tracks once again, one can definitely smell the Brazilian influences in yours! There is something about some crazy Tom Zé album I have somewhere, “Estudando o Pagode”. Can’t put my finger on it exactly but the first seconds can show your influences, indeed!


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First time voter and in awe of all 5 tracks. Wish I had the time and dedication to put together such polished interesting work!


First time voter here also, first time battle-listener.

These were all SO dope and unique. Definitely inspiring!


Hey, don’t hesitate to join to the next battle!!

Another first time voter, long time lurker.
Nice round, I enjoyed all the tracks.
Voted for Dantaz.

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Ok everyone, voting is now closed!

Congratulations to everybody for putting up with my rule set!

Special thanks to the first time battlers and voters!

Heartiest congratulations to @LyingDalai you get bragging rights and making the rules for Battle 73!!!

Can’t wait to see the brief…



Hey, thank you @psound74 for the inspiring brief.
Every time I compose on the OP-1 I feel it’s harder (compared to the liberty offered with the Elektron machines) but it’s definitely an incitation to get things done, and I still discover tricks on this little one…

Congratulations to everyone that participated to the battle, especially @Dantaz-1 and @shutterclunk: awesome first batte entries :slight_smile:
And thx to those who took the time to listen the tracks and select one. :+1:

I’ll drop the new brief very soon!

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Congratulations @LyingDalai, and kudos to all other participants. Looking forward to the next battle…

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