OP-1 Battle 67 - Drum Sampler Wars

Samples used: soundtrack clip from obscure old movie in Library of Congress collection (the violin type sound), 24 notes of bass guitar into drum sampler, ukulele played to tape then dropped in drum sampler, an Adele song that just happened to be on the radio sampled into drum sampler, stock drum kits, my 10 year old making crazy noises, and some acoustic guitar. Everything was done using the drum sampler.


some strong entries.

@joeyfivecents got some nice drum effects on the outro, after a solid tune.

@krautpoputopia got that boom, so here it goes. pay attention!

@psound74 got that square wave guide tone and dem rabbits pullin out dem hats

who else is battle-ready?

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Nice chill vibe! Dig the “go slow” vocal sample.

Great edgy textures!

Cool! The “violin” almost sounds like a Hohner Melodica (wind instrument with keyboard)…

Bass change (1/2 step down first note of pattern) near end of time really caught my ear, nice!


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I’m fixing’ to go listen to all the entries so far. Stay tuned. 3 more days, hope some more drop.

You’re conjuring up Dilla (whom I love). Especially the changes/transitions. 2nd half is my favorite part. It’s all good.
At around 1:09, it really starts grooving. Nice wide sound field (something I need to work on). Really nice analog/organic sounds.
Just sounds like FUN to me. Intense. Delay at the end is cool.

I’m nearly there with a nasty sounding tune :slight_smile:

I’ll try to finish mine tomorrow

enjoy listening, if you can!

Ingredients: peek drum kit, wild jazz piano trio via FM radio, a sample from ‘American English dialect recordings’. In keeping with the battle spirit, that bass sound is actually a tight loop of the kick drum sample sent through the punch filter.

Let me know what genre this might be


@Lawr Your guitar track is killer. Did you design the guitar part to be sampled, or did you just improvise and cut it up later? I ask, as it seems like it has a bit of everything you need: chords, some soft pad-like tones, some melodies.

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I’m still not there, and would love to have a couple of extra days (since the next time I have some time to put into this is Wednesday night).

However, if I’m the only one who needs an extension, I’ll be happy to “forfeit” and submit my entry late.


Decided to perform this instead of making it a organized song because I am not organized person and the tracks were kind of a mess lol. But after many variation this was going to sound like and… many many Many takes this is what I managed to conjure up in time. This is technically my first song after owning this thing for a month so please go easy on me. Kudos if you know the samples.


Hi, I said I liked the theme of this battle so I made one song.
There was an interview with Burt Bacharach from '86 on the linked page, so I just took it and cut it on the drumsampler… Took me hours for all the words and phrases…

Was a lot of fun!


i only ever use the drum sampler. here’s the latest track…hope it’s not too late?

@rasta…i’m a big burt bacharach fan.


Yeah I like him a lot, and I was trying to let it sound a bit like his dramatic songs.
Like your jump up house track! @squiddly

Here’s my entry! Thanks for keeping the Battle open a bit extra @Lawr!

It seems like I get the rules wrong every second time. I realised after rendering the track that the clavinet-style solo in the outro breaks the rules… sorry!

There’s a sax sample from the Citizen DJ project, and I also used @LyingDalai’s Battle 66 drumkit (felt like I should do it more justice than the random knocks I used it for in the last battle :wink:).


Just pretend you pitched it on the drumsampler :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Lol yeah I totally could have played it with the drum sampler, that is definitely true. Or cutted and pasted the existing track via the drum sampler.

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@Lawr, has everyone entered & it’s time for you to make the new official voting thread for Battle 67?


@yakczar, @joeyfivecents, @Mistercharlie, thank you for your kind words! This “kit” was one of the first things I made after getting my OP-1 to see what the sampler could do
@Mistercharlie, yes, I did record the little 12 second guitar piece (you can hear the whole thing at the beginning of the video) with the drum sampler in mind… but tried not to be too “intentional” about how it would be used… exploration and experimentation is where it’s at!!

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Thanks everyone for the fantastic tracks! Sorry for the delay in wrapping this up, I’ve been busy at work this week. I’ll get the voting thread up as soon as I can figure out how to make a poll and a soundcloud playlist!