OP-1 Battle 67 - Drum Sampler Wars

Songs like this sealed the deal for me around the end of 2019. I was bored of traditional synth sounds. It was time to play with samples. I had to have an OP-1.

I love the flexibility of the drum sampler - 24 slices, each with their own volume, pitch, length, playback mode and direction… not to mention the potential for sequencing, effects, resampling, etc. If the OP-1 was JUST the drum sampler and nothing more, it would still be a very compelling product.

SO, for battle 67, I want to hear what you can do using ONLY the drum sampler. You can sample whatever you want into it, but when you’re laying it down to tape, it’s gotta be coming from the drum sampler.

Obviously you could take the boring route, and just play back 12 second sections as one slice, but I encourage you to experiment with creative slicing, LFO’s, effects, sequencers, and even the ever unpopular drum envelope (which I happen to love)!

One more thing: use at least one sample from the Citizen DJ project. This isn’t much of a limitation as there’s a TON to choose from there: https://citizen-dj.labs.loc.gov/

In case you need some inspiration (I doubt it, you’re all brilliant with this instrument), here’s a take of me fooling around with a guitar sample.

TL;DR - two rules:

  • Everything we hear has to come from the Drum Sampler - sample whatever you want, and you can record it to tape, but it has to be laid down using the Drum Sampler
  • Use at least one sample from https://citizen-dj.labs.loc.gov/

Deadline will be June 15th

Thanks for participating!


@Lawr I think you already won this battle lol. Your video with that guitar sample is absolutely stunning. Totally blew me away! It is going to be a great source of inspiration.

Such a great battle idea, can’t wait to give it a try.


Nice one! Will definitely participate!

This is exactly my thing. And you’re right, the OP-1 would almost be the same with only the drumsampler. Very good battle idea, thanks!

That guitar piece blew me away. That’s the kind of stuff I’ve been messing around with. Can’t wait to try this.

Really fun idea for a battle! The drum sample was one of the selling points for me on the OP1 as well. First I bought an MPC Live, and despite that being about 10000x more powerful sampler than the OP1, I found it about 1000x less fun as well :slight_smile:

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This is great! Started messing around with some found sounds off the built-in FM radio last night.

@Lawr, Question: how do you feel about sampling from tape into drum sampler? (Example, i play a synth engine or the synth sampler to tape & use the “ear” to resample with effects, EQ, etc INTO the drum sampler, then play from there back to tape???

Inquiring minds want to know (and still conform to the intent/rules of Battle 67!)

Please advise & thanks,

Fine by me! As long as it comes through the drum sampler at some point :+1:

(Also, in case it wasn’t clear, submissions should be recorded, mixed, mastered etc on the OP-1)

i botched the last battle and didn’t vote in time. but here once again to bang my way into another one, drums being a theme. which is ok by me.

from the library of congress I did some sampling indeed.


One entry?? Come on people! Let’s have 'em!
Thanks for your entry @kln :sunglasses:

Tracks usually drop between deadline - 2 and deadline + 2 :smile:


Yeah I’m def participating, already have a nice jam going!

@LyingDalai - not my tracks!


still working on it…

Started Memorial Day weekend and then have been working in the office non-stop through last weekend…hoping to wrap it up this weekend!


At last, my entry: (but NOT at the last minute for once!)


  • CR-78 (Samples from Mars)
  • Contains samples of “Ils apparaissaient la nuit” by PAS DANS LE CUL AUJOURD’HUI. Retrieved from Citizen DJ, Free Music Archive archived website at the Library of Congress, Web Archives Division. This sample pack was retrieved from: https://citizen-dj.labs.loc.gov/loc-fma/use/ - i used the left channel only.
  • Myself playing my Martin nylon string “backpacker” guitar direct into the OP-1 mic in 1x 12 second pass (lots of rehearsals first as i am primarily a piano player!)
  • My own sample of a Witner portable electric metronome/tuner (square wave guide tone for tuning instruments)
  • My own sample of my Hohner Pianet T
  • My own sampling of the Internal FM radio of the OP-1 for the static-y bits

Had to pull some rabbits out of some hats:

  1. Used serial technique to chop up the 12 second (limit of the drum sampler on the OP-1) PAS DANS LE CUL AUJOURD’HUI sample after the opening recitive of it (from ~5:10 seconds into their piece) - then lost the patch by inadvertently copying its neighbor over it (good luck recreating that tone row!) - this was Tape track 1 on my OP-1; to get the pitch swept effect, i finally used the “crank” accessory for a battle!
  2. Drum Sampler envelope is tough to use vs. the ADSR in the synth engines we weren’t allowed to use in this battle, especially with my favorite “hidden” filter on the OP-1; so, i used my Hohner Pianet T plugged into the input to drive the “mic” option on the LFO and patched that to the filter cutoff.
  3. The “blues” section was a happy accident after i left the pattern sequencer for the CR-78 drums on when i was working with my ONE guitar sample - all guitar sounds in the piece are from it.
  4. Witner electric metronome square wave sample (pitched chromatically in the drum sampler of course) was the “organ” stabs
  5. Pianet T sample was the lead line
  6. Radio noise bits here and there as “color” splashes in the blues breakdown and at the end of the piece.

Wow, what a challenge! Thanks, @Lawr!

Enjoy & i can’t wait to hear everyone else’s entries!


Allright, here´s my contribution:

I sampled the “skysand”-guitar-sample from Free-Music Archive and took drums from Disco Despair´s Parcels Remix “Hideout”.
Then sliced the guitar and send it thru the nitro-fx. Made a loop with minimal “live” drumming and then slowed the tape down… :slight_smile:
Because I am a lazy guy and already used the drumsampler a lot in the last battle, I kept some sounds and recycled them…sorry :wink:
Greetings and Stay Healthy


I forgot to mention the guy with the drone who found out, that his wife is cheating him…(my vocalist)

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Jesus. Great sample. Poor guy!

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Thanks for the Link: https://citizen-dj.labs.loc.gov/ is genius! The remix function is rad.