OP-1 Battle 69 - Feels Like Home

Thinking about identity in a place, help us learn where you’re from through the sounds of your home.

For this OP 1 battle, focus on the traditions of your region. It doesn’t matter if it’s where you are today or where you lived for a couple of years in the early 00s. Wherever you consider home.

The goal here is to communicate the feeling of the region through sound.

Rule 1 - Regional Sample
Sample a song from your region. The only requirements here are that the lead writer of the song is of where you call home and that it feels like home to you. So it could be an old folk song performed by some modern singer. Or a modern song who’s off making music somewhere else but they’re from your region. Personally I would love to hear stuff that is considered the genre and style of your area!
Yes you are from your home! You may perform/record a song if it feels like home to you. But it must then be sampled into the OP1!

Rule 2 - Field Recordings
We all love environmental sounds that bring the world into a song. A conversation, crunching leaves, chants from a protest, a bird’s song. These be new acquisitions or archival but, no matter the era, should be from your region. They should remind you of home!

Rule 3 - OP Boundaries
(Stole this from joeyfivecents and Battle 68! :v:) May use one additional musical instrument (guitar, piano, external synth, etc). And you have to complete the song within the OP-1 (all fx, mixed to album) before sending it to Soundcloud.
Obviously the one exception here refers to Rule 1, you may record as complicated of a track as you want with as many instruments as you want BUT it must then be sampled in the OP1 for this track.

Please use Soundcloud and tag OP-1 Battle 69 and I’ll make a playlist. When you post your track here please tell us the city or country or region where “home” is to you so we can have some context.

Deadline is September 14. Have fun! :raised_hands:


Can I submit from an OP-Z?
Love these battles, but I pilot a Z.

Think it’s time to wake up the OP-Z battle thread!
But it’s true that it’s not very alive.
Might be a good idea to have “joined operators” battles indeed…

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How about the host of the battles can decide.
I think that, if the OP-Z battles faded, there’s probably not going to be much activity there.
I don’t think there would be hard feelings if the host decided to keep it real with just OP-1, but it might be cool to sometimes open it up to us little grey guys :wink:

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Sounds like fun! I live in the California foothills where we play a lot of ol’ time string music. If I can do it in time I hope to share some local flare. Thanks for hosting.

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Very thoughtful battle idea! I hope I can get something ready

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Great topic and I like the idea.
I have one question regarding rule 2:
We‘ll have to use the build in microphone of the OP-1, rather than any other zoom or tascam or whatsoever?

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Usually it was allowed to use another recorder as as an microphone since the OP-1’s isn’t very good. I think it is ok.

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Yes I think an additional recorder for the field rule is definitely ok! I’m eager to hear some tracks!

Would love to do this challenge as I have a bunch of recent field recordings from a trip to a home (of sorts) and my weekend should be pretty free, but I’m OP_Z only :upside_down_face:

As always I wish I had more time to spend on this but, something came out, and here it is!

My home now is in Galicia, an autonomous region in the northwest of Spain. People love to play the bagpipes here for some reason. My favourite field recording I’ve taken is a drumming protest outside the town hall who were competing with the piper outside the cathedral. What a cacophony. The bagpipes were loudest of course.
I prefer punk rock to folk. I sampled my favourite Galician band, in a song which starts with some bagpipes but quickly moves on. The song is Terra by Dakidarria.
Believe it or not, I don’t have my own bagpipes. So I sampled a harmonica. Seemed like the next best thing.


Due by midnight pacific time tonight! Only one submission so far. Come on ya’ll!

Damn, totally forgot this battle! Time has been flying so fast lately…

I wanted to record my kids shouting the chorus of a good old punk/rock song from this place!

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all right so tada: This is my very first track, that I made on the op-1. Thanks for the battle.
I live bit south of Vienna in Austria.

ad 1 regional sample:
I used the song “der Tod” (which means “death” in German) from a band, that I know since I was a young teenager > Joseph Root gang

ad 2 field recordings:
I kove hiking in the woods and we have a lot of them. So last friday I took my zoom h1n with me and recorded the stoney downward path.

ad 3 op boundaries:
It’s a sampled bass guitar from a friend of mine.