OP-1 Battle 69 VOTING

Link to the original battle #69 thread.

We had two submissions. Thank you @ssam and @F_R_A_N_Z for getting something in and having fun with the rules! Not making a playlist since it’s clean enough to just post the two tracks here.

  • ssam / Monk E. Hatte - Faraway Home
  • F_R_A_N_Z / Master Funok- Wiener Neustadt du tote Stadt

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Polls close 9/21 at 1am.
Good luck to both of you!



Wow - not quite sure what to write now, but thanks for voting for my battle-entry!
I am really happy. Even more due to the fact I spent quality time with my OP-1 :slight_smile:

As I am quite new here: It is me now to arrange battle 70, right?


Congrats @F_R_A_N_Z !! It was a close one. Great job to both of you and thank you again.
Yes it’s up to you to make the next battle. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

Congrats to both of you!
I’ll make sure I participate to the next one!!

Close run battle indeed! Congratulations @F_R_A_N_Z!

@F_R_A_N_Z any ideas for the next battle yet?

@Lawr yes & sorry for the delay!
I am too confused with all this hocus pocus going on and wanted to wait until Wednesday :wink:
However, I‘ll be starting battle 70 tomorrow.

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