OP-1 Battle #73: “soundtrack // transmission”

Hey @LyingDalai :smiley: Thanks for the quote, I haven’t been active there for a while !
Looks like an interesting brief, it remembers me something I made a few years ago

But there is some loops that makes it out of rules !

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Hey, nice to see you here again ^^
Hope you can take the time to create another awesome (sound)track!

Hi, what a nice idea. I’ll digest this a couple of days and see if I can come up with something.

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Hi all, first post. Just got my OP-1 before Christmas. Apologies, as I’m just getting to grips with “battles” concept.
In this instance, is the goal to create a soundtrack for @LyingDalai s video? So the results would be how people interpreted the video differently? Or, do we make our own visuals?

I thought I made it clear in the brief, sorry.
You are free to

  • create your own video
  • use the one I did
  • use the stems from the one I did (sources in the video comments) and adapt the video to your taste
  • use no video and create a soundtrack for an imaginary movie



this is a live video feed. [click here]

error: https://soundcloud.com/dj_kln/or-just-cause

close your eyes and watch. this is my 21st year of the 2000ands. (it could be yours too).

familiar cast? familiar drama? op-1 family.

(sorry about the video feed, but please try again soon).



Would you mind sharing at least one of your sounds / patches?
I love the idea of some links between tracks, which is the idea behind rule #5 :wink:

is there a place I can easily post some stems?

I wouldn’t know what’s best.
Maybe create a KLN account on dropbox for hosting music purpose?
You may also use Elektronauts Files as you have an account there :wink:
You can even drop your track there!

I have made a video. I have not yet made any music. I wonder if there might be an extension on the cards?

@kln When i click on the SoundCloud link it gives me the default SoundCloud login page, want to hear your track, would you check the link?


[Mod edit] I included the link alone on a line so that Discourse can integrate the soundcloud miniapp directly.

Of course there is an extension!
Seems my brief has not inspired a lot of people, very unfortunately.
Or maybe it’s the lack of time and winter weather.
I have something cooking but it’s far from ready yet… So I can understand ^^

Deadline extended to March “Pi day” 14th!

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I was very much hoping to get something done for this one-of-its-kind battle. And here it is.

I wanted to lean on my less loved synths, the DBOX and the Cluster and my own voice. And I did! Though I also leaned a lot on the COW which must appear in every OP-1 tune I’ve made.

Occasionally I take my GoPro on a bike ride and capture some scenery. This video is a long GoPro shot put through various effects I found in kdenlive.

Hope you like it!

I did not remember to include something from a previous entry, unfortunately. I like the idea but I simply forgot.

Peace and sonic experimentation


I wanted to get back into the battles, but this one seemed too ambitious and scared me off… I’ll probably join the next one!

Don’t put walls where there aren’t :slight_smile:
Just basically make noise and try to organize it so that you feel something when it is juxtaposed to pictures.
It’s actually quite a nice experience!

so. as the deadline approaches. I also was kinda gaffing by this challenge. like, I mean, I do make battle beats and try to think about the rules. so I took 2,3,4 rules into account. my marker was ear based. like, I listened and then recorded a bunch of stuff. and then explored it trying to make a noise like no one has ever heard. I spent a bunch of time considering loops, and ended up keying in just, no beat, in my head. phones. = headphones

if you need to disqualify my entry because I do not have accompanying video, than so be it.

I was almost sure I had said somewhere that it was not mandatory to have a video, creating a soundtrack of some sort is the idea here.

Reading again my brief, I can’t see why I haven’t made this easier to read… I had such great expectations!
I wanted to draw a line to make it easier: I just made it way more complicated that needed…

You’re of course qualified, dear ^^
The aim is to have pleasure developing creativity and exploring new tracks. It’s not like there is some big ass prize in the end :smiley:

my personal big ass prize is my dear OP-1, to no end. spill a cup.

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This battle was a fantastic idea. I’ve never tried anything like it and although I’m not all that good on keys to begin with, I gave it a shot.

Might still be in upload, really sliding this in one last minute.
cheers everyone!

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I am really glad that you took a shot at it! It’s the main object of such battle, having fun experimenting!

Does anyone need a last extension or shall we close this battle?
Let me know. If I have no answer tomorrow, I’ll launch the votes :slight_smile:

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