OP-1 Battle #76 VOTE! (Poll ends on Sunday!)

And here are the nine entries of the battle #76 in a playlist:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Voting rules:

  • EVERYONE is invited to vote!
  • You can vote for up to three entries!
  • Poll closes on Sun, Oct. 3rd!
    1. dj_KLN - the seeker
    1. psound74 - 210830-thgir-saw-xarm-battle076-side_a
    1. John Glib - Just No Wish No More Child
    1. dj_KLN - the plum
    1. mackie spaghetti - Grinding the Grid
    1. dj_KLN - the art official
    1. psound74 - 210915-battle-076-round-2-driving-off-the-grid-side_a
    1. Monk E. Hatte - Cry me a sketch of a river
    1. dj_KLN - gishy whoop

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I voted.


Me too.

Reminder bump.

Voted a few days ago!

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Voted yesterday…

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Two days left! Everyone’s invited to place their votes!

Just a few hours left to drop your votes!


Congratulations @psound74 ! You are now officially Master Of(f) The Grid, and entitled to host the next battle!

Thanks and kudos to all participants for all the great submissions. :heart:



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Thank you all! i did put too much time into my second entry but maybe it was worth it!

Will devise rules in the next day or too! Stay tuned for the Numerologically-superior Battle 77!



Oh jeez! I missed the boat on the vote. However, I think it’s a very justified victory for psound74! Great battle one and all!