OP-1 Blackbox connectivity

Plugged the OP-1 into Blackbox and can play the keys and use the OP-1 sequencers etc fine - great

However I cant get the OP-1 4 knobs to assign to anything in Blackbox in BB midi learn mode? Is this possible? Would love to have one of the coloured knobs to control the BB filter etc

i wanna say that maybe the op1 doesn’t send CC’s in normal mode
i think if u set it to MIDI mode in the shift+COM menu
then i would bet the knobs would send CCs

an easy way to check is to plug your op1 into your computer and check with some type of midi monitor program

if they do send CCs and its not working then maybe its on the blackbox end

Yeah, I don’t think it sends any CCs in normal mode. I answered in a bit more detail on the BB forum, it works in CTRL mode.

Yeah ctrl mode is the one - thanks!

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