OP-1 & Boomerang III Question

anyone out there know if i can plug a usb to midi cable directly from the op to the 'rang and send a midi clock so they are in sync? guessing i would need some sort of converter like oplab or similar? anyone had any experience with this? thanks for any advice you can give.


ur gunna need a midi host

For usb to work one of the parties must have USB host capabilities. The OP-1 doesn’t have that and the boomerang doesn’t even have USB as far as I know.

So you will need something like an iconnectmidi or OPLAB or if you have an iPad you can do it with a hub+cck. If it doesn’t need to be mobile you could consider using your PC.

thanks for your answers!!

look into the kenton usb midi host for a cheaper alternative if u only need 1 usb and 1 midi in and 1 midi out.

I realise you’ve probably made your choice by now but in case you haven’t, and also for anyone else who’s interested, you might want to check out Mutable’s Midipal. It’s a host with a ton of genuinely useful extra features and the 9V battery power makes it an excellent bedfellow for OP-1.

In case you opted for the Kenton box but still like the idea of being entirely battery powered, you can always feed the Kenton box with one of these phone charger devices…


Just make sure you get one with a little headroom regarding Amps, because I’m not sure about how much (if at all) the amps would drop as the battery runs down. I stuck mine to the kenton box using velcro, so they stick together when needed and detatch when charging or using the kenton plugged in.