OP-1 Bootloader Storage Size

Hey can anyone tell me what size their OP-1 is reporting when they launch the firmware updater mode? I’m wondering if my unit is reporting a smaller free space size than normal.

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You mean what size of storage the computer reports right before transferring the firmware file to the OP-1?

Correct, I’m getting about 16mb?

I’m also getting around 16mb, my linux system reports exactly 15 728 640 bytes. Seems completely normal to me.

Thank you it seems the compression on op1repacker is acting up.

Yeah, someone (you?) reported that on github, but I have no idea what’s going on yet.
I can’t seem to get the same problem to happen on my machine…

Is there anyway I can document or log the big on my machine? I noticed a factor was dependant on trying to compress in the same directory and also whether I left a trailing forward slash on the src directory path

Could you paste the exact commands you ran?

I’ve investigated this a bit and adding a slash to the end of the directory definitely causes some weird issues. It should be quite easy to fix though.

I’m pretty sure I found the issue and it has been fixed in op1repacker v0.2.3 which I just released today.

Thanks for troubleshooting this bug. Sorry I couldn’t get you my command list.