OP-1 Bugs on #242

Hi guys, I would like to share bug reports after updating my OP to #242 version.

I bought OP quite recently and it originally had firmware 235, after couple weeks i decided to update device to #242 version. So, a few weeks later, I got my first bug - while using a string synthesizer with FX, LFO and sketch sequencer (with Marx) on x16 speed.

Apparently this overloaded the processor with too many tasks at the same time, but it seemed to me that the OP was well optimized for this.

Second thing is that today I got two bugs, the first one during power-on, just after TE logo on screen and second one while playing FM synth and trying to load another synth preset.
My only explanation can be that my device is almost discharged and when I check the charge, the battery idnicator blinks quickly.

But should errors appear when the battery is discharged? very strange

Why do you think this happened?

All photos of error’s you can see below.

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string engine has been cpu heavy since the beginning of time

random crashes and errors have also been as well
a factory reset usually can clean those things up

strange things can definalyte happen when the battery is low
(this is the same for any device)
as the battery may be struggling to get the enough juice to the processors and such

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Aha, that’s make sense.

Maybe these bugs are not that scary in home production or making stuff for yourself, but If I’m going to use this for live performances it can be a problem.

Ok, I’ll try to restore the factory settings, thanks !