OP 1 build quality


Hello guys. I would like to know what you owers think about the OP1 build quality. Knobs, buttoms, keys and the whole synth. I had an elektron A4 and build quality was great, as all elektron products… Do you think the op1 its a product that last long like a digitone or a4?
I’ve heard some people complaining about the OPZ quality control, but from what I’ve read on the internet it seems that the op1 is more stable and well built.


I think it partly depends on the “vintage”…
If you search, you’ll probably find notes of some quality issues from earlier on, but I think they resolved those, so ones from the past couple years should be fine. But who knows what the current production is like? what with the hiatus, and the price hike, and the issues with other products…

Mine’s still going after almost 5 years. I replaced the keyboard like a year ago (I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining it, the new keyboard felt noticeably better quality than the original). The battery is starting to only charge up to 4/5 LEDs on the indicator; it definitely doesn’t have the like 16hr life it once did, but it’s still plenty usable (just have to think more about charging it)