OP-1 buttons become in-operational

Not sure if anyone else has encountered this, but it’s happened to me twice now. During use, but without being able to be specific, I’ve had my OP-1 stop working as intended. So far, from what I can tell is that while being used in Tape mode BUT in a stopped state, the shift, arrow, rec, play and stop keys stop functioning or don’t function as intended. When this happens, the drum, synth, play, stop and record button become in-operational, well at least the play button is, the others may or may not be but without the play button working it’s hard to tell, but the shift and arrow keys work as if in play mode and allow me to move a looped area but im not able to move around in the timeline at all.

So far, just turning the machine off and on fixes it but It definitely worries me. I’m on the latest firmware, OP-1 is about 8 months old.

that sometimes occurs while feeding the OP1 with a lot of midi, you should better report it directly to TE for a bugfix

Yeah, i won’t report until i can capture video as they will for sure ask for that but I can say that the op1 was not being fed any midi, it was being used standalone, but had had a few samples recorded fresh to some drumkits that were taking up good chunk of space at that time.

yea not the first time this happens, midi or not. good luck reproducing it, i haven’t been able to.

factory reset sometimes fixes weird quirks in my experience

Yeah i’m gonna do a factory reset after Jamuary is finished.

I had the exact thing happen to me on the last firmware (240?).
At first I thought I’d discovered some awesome new tape trick but the behavior was inconsistent and I realized it was just something not processing right.
I was trying to record backwards on fourth track over three tracks I already had on tape and somehow the tape (when recording) would go backward but the playback was still going forward then when I would release the tape would do a weird zip forward or backwards can’t remember.
Really thought I’d found a new thing but quickly realized that the resulting tracks were blank…
Quick reboot, back to normal and never thought about it again since it never happened again.

So this happened to me again this weekend, but shut down even more of the keys. I took video and sent to TE support, heard back right away and they are looking into it now, will post back here if I get any feedback.