Op-1 buying advice

Hello all!

So I am a music producer. I use Ableton and mainly guitar, bass and midi with various plug-ins for all my sounds. I was looking at getting an FM or analogue synth originally to simplify sound creation instead of relying on mouse clicks on plugins. However I recently started to appreciate the ability to detatch from the PC and produce anywhere on batteries.

So the question is, are the ynth engines in the OP-1 decent enough to pretty much replace a standalone analogue or FM synth? And do you think it would aid my music production? Regardless of the great drumming and sampling features it has.

I love the Op-1. It offers a fantastic, creative workflow which makes creating pure fun. And it forces you to keep moving forward, to make decisions (“no undo” etc).

It’s great in its own way. You can come up with many sound designs, but I wouldn’t say that it replaces a dedicated synth. And if you’d like to learn synthesis from the ground up you are better off with some of the new analog synths.

Op1 has lots of shortcomings and limitations and that’s what makes its so exciting, frustrating and rewarding to work with it.

Hope it makes sense.

you should buy an op1…the workflow and sequencers are brilliant. it’ll aid your music production more than buying a dedicated synth.

plus, when you have a sampler, you don’t need to buy synths. just borrow a synth and sample it. or hire a studio for the day that is full of synths and go to town.