Op-1 can't fully charged

i bought a new op-1 from the official website last month, it’s all good the first time i charge it, the indicator light all the way up to level 5 (red). But the second time i plug it to the charger and leave it all night long, then i turn on the op-1, the indicator light only to level 3 (green).

I tried switch on/off OPT in the menu, plug to different computer/charger, exhaust battery to dead and then recharge, but the indicator light only up to level 3.

btw the indicator lights all the way to 5 once i plug to the charger, then gradually grow which means the indicator light is functional.

Anyone met this problem before?

the problem isn’t with the charging.
the problem is that the indicator lights do not accurately reflect the amount of charge.

this topic has been much discussed and a search of the forums should help you find a fix – I believe the fix involves leaving on the OP1 till the battery is fully drained. But I can’t remember the details.

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I’ve noticed that the battery indicator will be reset to max whenever you factory reset the thing. I watched a video a while back on charging where the guy said, have your OP-1 turned off, plug in charger, turn on, make sure you wait until you’re in the tape menu or whatever, and power off. This way the charging indicator seems to be working properly.