OP-1 Case from Sand

Just as a heads up, it looks like Sand has updated the design of their OP-1 case (they told me that the change is: “These OP-1 Cases are now bound on the outer edge instead of inside edge. This allows for the OP-1 to more easily slip inside the case without getting hung up on the inner binding.”)



I just ordered one, after being scared off a bit by some of the posts I’ve seen from people receiving the Unit Portables case and it not fitting right

I haven’t received it, so can’t vouch for it, but wanted to share in case anyone else like me is looking for case options.

nice case ridiculous price

nice case ridiculous price

They’re hand made in Oregon, seems to use very high quality materials. Given that the Unit Portables case costs only $25 less (and that I’ve been seeing multiple people complaining about receiving cases that don’t fit right, as described in this thread: https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/3890/does-my-official-op-1-case-fit-wrong), I don’t really see why the price is particularly ridiculous. It seems in line with other custom hand made cases and bags I’ve seen.

Either way, I’m mostly just sharing in case people are interested in another option. Obviously up to everyone individually to decide if it’s worth it. Personally at least I’m glad to pay a bit more for the craftsmanship and for the style of it.

true, quality costs. i have the unit portables and i bought it because i needed case that i was 100% sure would fit the op-1. i don’t like it very much. i thought this case was just another overpriced unit portables case but i see now the brand is sand. i’m ok with paying more for quality. i hope you get a good case. write a small review if you have the time

Yeah - once I get it I’ll try and share my thoughts on it.

I have the version before this one with the inner binding…the OP-1 could get caught up on it a little but isn’t a huge deal. It’s a really high quality case, and the pocket on the front is much larger than most other cases i’ve seen. I love mine. I’m actually able to squeeze mine in there with the deck saver on it for extra protection (not sure if you’ll be able to do that on this new version or not)…it’s a tight fit but worth it to me for the added comfort of knowing my baby is safe.

Let us know how you like the new version!

Will do p0k!

lol i legit thought this was gunna about an op1 case made of sand. :frowning:

It’d be cool to hear if anyone can Op-1 with a Deck Saver like @p0k was able to do with the frst one.

It'd be cool to hear if anyone can Op-1 with a Deck Saver like @p0k was able to do with the frst one.

Hi guys,

I run SAND out of Portland OR. Zadillo sent me a link to this thread. The updates to the OP-1 Cargo Softcase should fit the decksaver better than the last version, because the binding is no longer a hinderance on the inside. This frees up room. If anyone decides to order who has a decksaver, and it doesn’t quite fit, I’ll gladly refund your money.
lol i legit thought this was gunna about an op1 case made of sand. :(

Emojis dun work

have to admit, I kind of want the new version…if anyone wants to buy my slightly older version (the camo color) let me know :slight_smile: