OP-1 Case

The obligatory case thread. I’m sorry for probably posting this question after what seems to be the 1000th time but I’m getting my hands on an OP1 soon and I seem to have trouble finding a case that would fit the dimensions of the OP-1 and the decksaver. I would like something sturdy and in the 50 Euro range that I could put in a bag and not worry about while travelling. I read that the UDG creator ni-kontrol case fits the OP1 but I’ve only seen pictures without a decksaver, so I’m a bit hesitant to actually buy it. Thanks for your help =)

I got one today (the UDG Creator NI Kontrol F1/X1/Z1 Case I mean) and the OP1 with decksaver works fine, there is actually a few mm wiggle room. I will be adding a tiny bit more padding as I would like it to be snug when shut, at the moment having the usb cable in next to the OP-1 works. I would upload a photo but files don’t seem to upload here unfortunately - when were we moving to a new site where these sort of things work? :wink:

Here we go. I can fit the antenna to the side of the unit as well. As I mentioned in another thread about the OP-Z, I’m wondering (if I ever get my hands on one) if that might fit in the upper recession as the Z is smaller again. Perhaps hold it in with some tabs with velcro or similar…