OP-1 + Cassette Loop + V-Machine

Little experiment with the 3-head Marantz CP430 using a very old and worn cassette tape loop as a real-time effect monitoring/playing back directly what’s been recorded to tape.

Using the ‘hard panning technique’ on the OP-1 where track 1 & 3 are panned completely to the left. This output goes directly to the CP430 which is constantly recording to the cassette tape-loop. The CP430 audio output goes to the left (mono) input of the V-Machine input for (stereo) reverb.

Track 2 & 4 of the OP-1 are panned completely to the right. This output goes directly to the right (mono) input of the V-Machine for (stereo) delay.

Both input signals are controlled using the Akai LPD-8 Midi controller (volume/low/hi-pass/send)

The (stereo) output of the V-Machine is recorded directly to a usb-stick using the XR-12.

Result = Lofi Extreme :wink:

Thanks for watching/listening!


very nice use of the tape deck, sounds great

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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it;)

are you using the different heads on the tape machine to make a delay?

No, the 3 heads on the tape machine make it possible to monitor the tape while recording to it. There is a delay to the signal though since it takes some time for the tape to travel from the reording head to the play head. I use the V-machine for the delays :wink:

i see, so only one of the delays is coming from the tape.
that’s how the roland “space echo” tape delay works, right? …the delay is the gap of time between the recording head and the play head.