‘OP-1 Center’ sample packs - op1 field compatible?

Do these sample packs work on the OP-1 field also??? :pray:t4:

I don’t know, although I see some packs there specifically labeled “OP-1field”. Maybe those packs are stereo?

On the site it says the OP-1 has room for 33 synth samples and 20 drum samples. Is that number the same for the OP-1og and the OP-1field? Is that sample space set aside for user samples, or is that the total number of samples that can be in the OP-1?

Please post back if you find the answer to your question, I have a field and I’d like to try some of the samples from OP-1 Center.

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I’ve emailed them, but nothing back yet. It would be really great if anyone here - who knows the answer - could share their knowledge :pray:t4:

Response just in from OP1 Classics…

“Hi Dave!

All of our sound packs are compatible with the OP-1 Field, however only those with the “OP-1 Field” banner are in stereo.

The rest of the sound packs will be in mono, but will still work perfectly well with the field, and will sound stereo once any effects are added.”




Good news. Thanks for posting, I appreciate it!

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