OP-1 Compatibility with New Apple Silicon Macs & Big Sur

Apple recently announced the new Apple Silicon Macs, I’m about to order one but I read that Native Instruments issued a statement not to use some of their hardware products with Big Sur and that it can actually cause damage to the hardware. I haven’t seen Teenage Engineering say anything, I’m just making sure all the gear I own is compatible. Does anyone know whether there is any complications with the OP-1 & Big Sur/Apple Silicon chips?
For using the OP-1 as a MIDI, doing software updates & using op1fun app

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I didn‘t hear anything in regards to the OP-1 in specific, but I decided to wait for another half to one year before I switch.
However, the reason is mainly because of my plug-ins for logic pro and some other programs (where I‘ll expect same problems as I had when switching to Catalina)

If you just want to Midi-sync your OP-1 and tranfer files, there shouldn’t be a problem, I guess…

I agree, the concern with several hardware units that utilize means above and beyond MIDI, ie custom plugins, will require recompiling (and possibly re-engineering) for new CPU, but the OP-1 only interfaces with a computer via standard MIDI and a USB file mode, which on its own is down to fairly basic, universal drivers.

Op-1 disk mode can work with iOS, so I think you’re mostly safe.

Might check in on that Ableton OP-1 script however. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m both a new OP-1 user and I just got a new Mac mini with the Apple Silicon. The OP-1 does work in USB file mode. I haven’t tried MIDI yet, I’m still learning my way around.

The op1fun app seems to work, too. What an awesome site that is.

I just got a Mac Mini with the M1 chip and Big Sur. My OP-1 IS NOT RECOGNIZED as a MIDI device. I’m extremely unhappy with this situation. I hope there is a workaround, or TE comes out with an updated driver. It is also not recognized in disk mode either.

Try this:

There’s also another thing that could be going on where your computer doesn’t have OP-1 set as a driver or something. I forget what it’s called off the top of my head but I’ve seen posts about it and that’s how I got mine to work. There was some setting (not in your DAW) that changed the OP-1 to a Driver/Input & Output or something

OP-1 is 100% compatible with M1 though so you will get it to work!

Thanks, although I wish you could provide a link because I’ve searched all kinds of ways and am not finding anything remotely related to what you’re saying.

I couldn’t find the post about it but I did find the application, it’s called “Audio MIDI Setup” just search Finder for it. In that app select OP-1

This may be of some help:

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