OP-1 Connector Board Removal Vid

Sup peeps!? So, I am in the process of figuring out why my 1 randomly goes full on brick mode.

Already researched everything, done it all. For anyone who’s looking to try a new connector board, this vid is for you. I noticed the ifixit article (super helpful) but couldn’t find a walk through. Alas, enjoy!

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Update: ifixit connector board absolutely did not work. I’m sure it can, but this particular unit did zip. I reinstalled the original TE connector board and voila, was able to get the speaker pop and access the firmware update (com boot) screen. Was not able to do that w/ the ifixit board. That one simply put it in permanent brick mode. No speaker pop, charge light or com boot access.

So, w/ the TE board back in I immediately updated firmware and factory reset; I am back in business!! Was on 218, highly recommend getting off that firmware.

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