OP 1 Connector Board - stripped screw

Hi all,

I have a replacement connector board for the OP-1, however I can’t remove the middle screw as it is stripped.

I’ve tried various ways of removing it without success (superglue, elastic band etc). Can anyone help/ or have any suggestions for removing tiny stripped screws? Photo uploaded below. Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


have u tried maybe a pair of small pliers? or a small wrench or something?
grab the outside ot the screw and twist?
maybe an allen or hex wrench that fits in there? or torx shape maybe?
i dunno :man_shrugging:t5:

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If the above tip does not work, another option is to use a Dremel metal cutting disc to create a slot thru the middle of the screw head and use a flat screw driver to turn it.


Hard to see exactly what is happening but if it’s a stripped out allen head and there is a divot in the centre you could try an ez-out screw extractor.

Thanks all for your suggestions - dremel rotary toolkit did the job in the end!