OP-1 controlling MeeBlip Anode Issues

Hello all,

Hoping this is the proper forum for this. If not, I’m sure the mods will help me out.

I recently bought a MeeBlip Anode to use as basically an additional sound engine for the OP-1, like I do with the Volca FM. I have a Kenton MIDI USB and a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru box. My plan was to run MIDI out like this: OP-1 >> Kenton >>> Quadra Thru Splits one to Volca FM and one to MeeBlip Anode. I then have the audio from the Volca and MeeBlip going into a Bastl Dude mixer and into the OP-1. With this, I can choose which device is sending audio into the OP-1 to record and control it with the OP-1’s keyboard and sequencers.

My issue is that the MeeBlip Anode isn’t liking the OP-1’s MIDI very much. It’s giving me weird tracking issues and hanging/stuck notes all over the place. Searching this issue has led me to an Octatrack forum (here https://www.elektronauts.com/t/octatrack-sequencing-a-meeblip-issues/1600) that suggests the MeeBlip doesn’t like a clock send mixed with the MIDI signal and it causes these types of problems.

So, my question is, Is there any way to either 1) make the OP-1 not send MIDI clock but still have the tape and sequencers synced, 2) preferably, have the OP-1 send clock on MIDI channel 1 (for Volca) and not on MIDI channel 2 (for MeeBlip) at the same time, or 3) any other way to make the MeeBlip not have this weird clock/note issue?

I’m stumped and the internet isn’t giving me much in search results for this issue, so I thought I’d turn to the smart folks at Operator One.

I usually send the clock out of the Volca FM to a Volca Beats and a PO-12, so it would be nice to keep the clock at least going to the Volca somehow.

Just for good measure, I own an OP-1, PO-12, Volca FM, MeeBlip Anode, Arturia MicroBrute, Arturia Beatstep, Bastl Dude, Kenton MIDI USB, MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru, Presonus P-49 keyboard, and various cables and headphone splitters. I’d prefer to not use a PC but I do have one with PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional and a Presonus Audiobox USB that MIDI In and Out.

Thank you all in advance!