OP-1 Cookbook

Dear All, I recognize that the Quick ref guide - The OP-1 Cookbook hasn't been updated for a while, mainly due to no OS updates being released. I don't think we have an imminent release either. Are there any things that people would see useful as an update that I should consider adding. Any comments welcome, but right now Im unsure If I have time to port over to non apple devices.


With a name like cookbook it may be nice to include more recipes …user tip and working methods.Theres a lot of superstars on this forum and if you name checked any source (with relevant sign posting) I’m sure most will be fine you plundering any ideas.Most are generous enough anyway.You may not need to mention names.Tips on the thread about panning techniques,plus common uses for shift,tape jumping with and without tempo lock.Starting with sequencers ,then layering,plus tape jams into final recording.Tape speed techniques.Any common useful methods you use…
The tips you have already included I really liked.If I read your guide again I may come with more suggestions as it was a few months ago since I read it.

I just bought this and it only works on iPad. I don’t own an iPad. Is there a way to get a port for iPhone or for Mac? What do you use to port it? Is there a usable version you could send me if I send you proof of purchase? Could I port it myself?

Thanks for the knowledge and consideration,


Whatever happened to the free OP1 guide, not the manual, but a different one, I had it downloaded but I’ve lost it, is there a link anywhere?

Thanks for the feedback.

Firstly the version should work on a Mac is the version is compatible with OS etc. I don’t know of any porting but drop me your email and I will try to help.

the old PDF version hasn’t been developed further and I have concentrated effort onto the apple version for several reasons. One is that the iBook offers more interaction and video links / embed. Secondly the money is used to contribute to the costs of running www.go-p1.net (hosting, software, domain etc). I am hoping to create a generic ePub but just haven’t had the time of late.

A mention of bugs maybe good, and their workarounds…
@motone makes a good suggestion at the end of this thread.
There’s a similar glitch when dropping drum samples into drum sampler.It happens after using Key lift of indervidual drums.Work round is to just lift whole memory,then re drop (Lift,then Drop).