OP-1 crashed and won't reboot

yikes! I was working on the OP-1 last night, I had a tape loop running, a drum sequence running and I was implementing effects in the mixer mode, when I went to change the fx setting it crashed. I may have also been pressing one or both of the M buttons. I didn't take note of the message displayed when it crashed, figuring a reboot would fix everything, however, after switching off and back on I only see the TE splash screen and it hangs there. I've tried powering off/on several times with the same results.

i'd prefer not to loose the samples I had been working on that are on my tape. any ideas?

I’d ask TE but I think you might have to bite the bullet and wipe it fresh. You could try just reinstalling the firmware and see if it retains the Tape (it’s on a separate partition that mounts when you enter Disk Mode), but I can’t really remember tbh.

Unplug and plug the USB cable.
THEN try restarting.
I found that that sometimes “unblocks” it.

Eeeep! I hate horror stories =,{

+1 @piotr

I tried reinstalling just the firmware and no dice, it still wouldn't boot. had to do a factory reset and lost my work/recording/samples. oh well. it appears I experienced what is discussed in the thread "Master FXCrash OS 1.41".
a factory reset got me back up and running. I still love the OP-1!

thanks for the replies!