Op-1 custom graphics

I wanted to start a thread on custom graphics so that there’s a place to get community-made graphics (I’m not sure if this infringes on TE’s ip, so feel free to delete this).

This was a quick edit of @wavi 's Iter synth graphics.You can download it here

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Good job! I like how you made it minimalistic, I think that’s closer to the OP-1 aesthetic than my original.

I don’t see any IP issues as long as we don’t distribute any SVG’s that are modifications of the original graphics. It’d be nice to include more graphics mods in op1repacker, but to be sure not to infringe on IP they have to be completely original. We can still make mods to the original files by writing a script to make the required changes to them. That’s how the tape invert mod works, it just moves around the elements in the existing tape.svg.

Unfortunately I still haven’t fully worked out how the OP-1 parses the SVGs or how to make sure that a specific SVG file will work on the OP-1.

Here are some resources related to this:
Basic description of how SVG works on OP-1: https://github.com/op1hacks/docs/blob/draft/svg.md
Tool for optimizing SVGs for the OP-1 (incomplete): https://github.com/op1hacks/op1svg


Thanks man, I appreciate it.

I could see how long it would take to write/test scripts to edit the stock graphics. It sounds like a real hassle. :neutral_face:

I’ve been editing the svgs with illustrator. I took me a couple tries to get the settings right, and even then, I don’t think the Op-1 would recognize the files without first using the op1svg tool you made. (Thanks btw )

Here’s the export settings I’ve been using (Tell me If I’m doing something wrong):