OP-1 CWO = Valhalla Freq Echo Plugin?


I just came across the free plug-in from Valhalla called Freq Echo which, after only a little bit of play time, seems to be quite capable of CWO/COW like effects.

I mean, it’s all there, Freq Shift, Delay, Feedback and then some.
TE threw some extras in on this like an underlying pumping compression ( I think?) so it’s not like EXACTLY the cow, but I guess I just hadn’t really ever come across anything like it so I figured I’d share.

If you don’t know, now you know!



Echobode actually


exactly 1:1 in sound

Nice! I guess that makes perfect sense given the history of collaboration with Magnus. Was/is this widely known and I am just late to the scene or was it an under the table collab?

Yep, generally known - there are some other posts from around the time of release and Magnus has mentioned it too.